Infamous GTA V Hack Update 3B [ONLINE|1.30]

I am proud to announce that after a lot of work we are ready to release our next update.
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Since xray is posting a lot here and spreads his donate button around the thread, we want to remind you he is not a part of the infamous team.

How to Use:
· Start Infamous.exe
· Start GTA V
· Go into Story Mode
· Press F4 and it should work now

Alternate Way:
· Start GTA V
· Go into Story Mode
· Start Infamous.exe
· Press F4 ingame and it should work now



· F4 – show/hide menu
· Numpad 8/2/4/6 – menu up/down/left/right
· Numpad 5 – menu select
· Numpad 0 – menu back
· Numpad-9 – vehicle boost (if enabled)
· Numpad-3 – vehicle instant stop (if enabled)
· Numpad-Add – vehicle rockets (if enabled)
· Ctrl – Numpad-Divide – teleport forward slightly (i.e. through a door)
· F6 – airbrake mode (default controls for this explained onscreen)
· Numpad-Subtract – Teleport to Mission Objective/Checkpoint/Marker

· Right shoulder + Y : activate menu
· D-Pad : navigate menu
· X : menu select
· Y: menu back
· Right shoulder + A : activate airbrake
· Vehicle boost: L shoulder + L trigger
· Vehicle stop: R shoulder + R trigger
· Vehicle rockets: L shoulder + R shoulder

You can redefine these themselves using the XML file, which contains more info and should be self-explanatory.

· Updated Hack to 1.30
· Fixed Rich Peds (online)
· Rainbow Colors are synced and smooth now
· Added new Vehicles (Lowriders and Halloween)
· Added new Vehicles Halloween Paintjobs
· Added Halloween Masks
· Added Menu Customization (change colors and themes)
· Added Anti-Crash (Experimental and not tested)
· Added Pure Gold to Wheel Colors
· Added Nearby Peds and Nearby Vehicles to World with various options

· Fixed Vehicle Spawner (You don't get kicked out anymore)
· Disabled Anti-Crash until next update (caused crashes or invisible while interior changing)

Q: I am having troubles with vehicle Spawning.
A: Turn "Spawn in Vehicle" ON and spawn your desired Vehicle 2 times.

Q: It says I am missing some dll files.
A: Download these dll files from google and put them into windows/system32 and/or into the Infamous Folder

Q: Injector says "infamous successfully injected!" but I can't open the menu ?
A1: If you have a modified your GTA5.exe please get a clean exe. Otherwise it won't work
A2: Make sure you tried every way to inject it into the game from "How to Use" and also started into Story Mode,
if this doesn't work try using Xtreme Injector.

Q: Still nothing works, what do I do wrong ?
A: If Infamous Injector and Xtreme Injector both don't work you probably are missing
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Download and install it and try again.

Q: I tried that too but it still doesn't work ):
A: There might be a problem with Windows UAC. Deactivate it and see if that fixes your problem.

Q: Nothing of your previous answers helped me!
A: Then we can't help you anymore. There might be something with your computer which prevents it.

Simms, tr0teK, Bobbls

Special Thanks:
Everyone who donated us. Thank you so much people. This will help us to
improve the whole project.